The Not So Elusive Unstructured Data – Part 2

Historically people have been talking about data within the firewall, document management or collaboration information that is not structured, such as video, photos, documents and diagrams.

However now that we are at a tipping point: There is as much value in unstructured data in terms of what customers are thinking on the web and what businesses can derive from other organizations’ data

Good Analysts know how to identify, inventory and integrate unstructured data right along side the structure business data they have always had.


Recently, BI and warehousing suppliers have been adding support for unstructured data management to their tool sets.

Many IT organizations have built their own platforms for converting unstructured data into structured records, for example, through knowledge management systems.

And new businesses are popping up to offer unstructured data collection, storage and analysis options that are integrated into the enterprise analytics solution.

Companies who get unstructured data will have a huge competitive advantage. DMAI can give you the training, consulting and analytics talent you need to stay ahead of the pack. #GrowMoreDMAI


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