BPO Elite Blog Post #26 – Measuring Things


I find more good things to talk about from Seth’s daily blog then I do anyother place. If you are not following him, you really should be. He is marketing guru, so most of his stuff has that slant to things, but since marketing and analytics are so often tied together, just about everything he blogs about has relevance to what we are doing here at BPO Elite.

In this blog, Seth talks about the importance of not just measuring things, but making sure you do something constructive with the results. I so many managers and leaders looking at reports, but missing some of the most important stories behind the numbers. There are so many analysts jobs where you don’t really analyze anything, you just print our paper and pass it on. And I see a lot of decisions being made based on two few datapoints or the wrong datapoints.

Its so imporant to always ask why am I measuring this? What frame of reference do i have? What is a the baseline? What is an acheiveable target to work towards? If these questions where asked more often, by more people… then BPO Elite wouldn’t exist.

Fortunately for us, measuring things is never as easy or as simple as most people think! 🙂


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