Philippines Analytics Outlook 2014 (2 of 4): Top Skills in Demand

LinkedIn recently came out with the 25 hottest skills from 2013 based on their 259+ million member profiles. As you can see below, this list of skills in demand is dominated by technology skills. Business growth and development also tops the chart, showing growth in next year’s forecast.


So what does this mean for us in 2014 and for us going to school or working and doing business in the Philippines?

•Technology skills are highly valued. It’s almost 2014. This shouldn’t come as a big surprise, but if it isn’t already painfully clear why Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education is a top priority for many of the world’s governments, now you know. However in the Philippines, we are still producing more nurses and accountants then we are analysts. So training classes like our are going to be in an ever increasing demand.

•We live in a data-driven world. Cloud and distributed computing (#3), data mining (#5), and data engineering (#12) being highly ranked on our list paints a picture of a world overwhelmed with information, with businesses scrambling to store, retrieve, and make sense of it all. HP and IBM know this and are pushing training into the schools. BPAP knows this has partnered with a number of schools. But in the next 3-5 years its still going to be primarily people like DMAI up training folks to plug the gaps. This gets back to the consistent increase in jobstreet postings for analytics talent.. up 33% from a year ago.

•Businesses are looking to grow. Recruiting (#8), business development (#9), and strategic planning (#24) are all skills that help businesses hire more employees and find new sources of revenue. Expectations of 20% growth in the BPO industry in the Philippines is being lead by “up the value chain” type jobs and many of them require the analytics and data interpretation skills we specialize in.

So, with 2014 fast approaching, its time to think about how to get more training in analytics or how to get more trained analysts in your business. These are high demand, limited supply needs that will only get more extreme in the next few years.

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