Marketing to Your Competition… Face Palm!

I get e-mails like this all the time…

I was doing some research on BPO Elite, and based on your previous interest, I was inspired to reach out to you for your guidance.
How much of the information within your data is locked away, hidden, and inaccessible in the moments you need visibility to it the most? Are you facing any challenges surrounding accurate forecasting? What would it mean to you to have everyone at every level of the organization, working from a single version of the truth?
We are helping organizations reduce the time to access relevant data by 95%. Is “good enough” really good enough moving forward to a new year in 2014?
With end of year promotions beginning now, the purpose of my note is to determine if this is an area of interest for your team and also the best person to speak with about achieving powerful business analytics and beautiful dashboard reporting.
Thank you for your time and feedback Dan.

Insert Face Palm image > facepalm

So if you spend 10 seconds on any of my social media sites, its pretty clear that I am all about analytics! So in effect they are asking me to outsource what we do for a living to them?

I find this quite comical.

I imagine the person who sent this email is either going off a list or just spamming and hoping to get lucky. Because when you market to you competition you want to at least come off as you know you are marketing to your competition.