Philippines Analytics Outlook 2014 (3 of 4): Most In-Demand IT Skills

Date: 12/10/2013
Source: Wanted Analytics

The most jobs in demand right now fall under information technology. Wanted Analytics found the most commonly advertised IT skills in this category to see which abilities candidates need to posses to help businesses close gaps.

There are many options for technical training in the Philippines and many schools specialize in producing grads trained in certain applications and programming languages. However, many times they fall short in teaching soft skills.

See my notes on how DMAI can address five of these soft skills needs for businesses operating in the Philippines by our innovative training offerings.


Most In-Demand IT Skills
1.Oral and Written Communication > This is Key! So many good analysts have great tech skills, but lack the people skills to be great analysts. This is where my training makes the biggest difference.
2.Software Development
3.Troubleshooting > A lot of times you find that analysis work is more about helping someone understand why things are based on the data. I teach my trainees who to look be a troubleshooter and not just a process follower .
5.Project Management
6.Structured Query Language (SQL)
7.Problem Solving > Another weakness of many fresh grads is that they can fix things that make sense, but when faced with unexpected or challenging issues, they lack the confidence to solve problems. I can empower that missing self-confidence.
12.Quality Assurance (QA)
13.Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
14.Microsoft SQL Server (MS SQL)
15.Microsoft Office
16.Business Requirements Gathering > Knowing what the problem is, communicating it and reporting on it, making sure communication lines are open, involving all stakeholders in requirements gathering, good end-user design, knowing where data lives and how to unlock it… all things we work on through hands on exercises in my trainings.
17.Detail Oriented
18.Self-starting / Self-motivated > Being able to identify a business need or issue and bring it to management before something blows up, is another strength that separates good from great analysts. My trainees are encouraged to do this and taught how to do it a way that is down right enchanting.
19.Application Development
20.Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)


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