Workshop On Decision-Making For Better Work-Life Balance

I was recently asked to put together a workshop on work-life balance for BPO employees.

Here is the meat of it:

Via a real-world focus, this workshop will provide a wide range of information designed to empower BPO and Call Center staff towards a healthier work-life balance.

> Work-Life Self Assessment – Participants take a short self assessment to help them determine where they currently are in terms of work-life balance. Individual results are compared to industry data.
> Information on Health and Wellness – Using hands on exercises, we will share information and demonstrate some examples of how to monitor one’s own health and wellness and discuss the importance of being healthy and well in order to optimize work-life balance.
> Current Trends in the BPO Industry – We will discuss several key trends in the BPO Industry that have direct impact on work-life balance decision-making.
> Making Good Decisions – Participants will be instructed on various techniques to improve both their own work-life balance decision-making as well as drive for more work-life balance in within the organization.



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