The Power Of LinkedIn

The power of LinkedIn is amazing!

I just participated in a seminar conducted by my good friend Janette Toral who was demonstrating the power of LinkedIn as a recruiting tool. She also shared recruiting strategies for FB and G+.

People continue to undervalue the power of LinkedIn and really do not use it effectively for either recruiting or job searches. Janette posted her presentation on slideshare. Check it out!


For me I ended up thinking about three points?

How do we recruit? Analyze our process and keep tweaking it.

Is the first question who do I know that would be perfect for this? Passively recruiting future hires is a non stop process.

Or is it if better post a new job ad? If that’s out primary strategy we are acting like a dinosaur.

Here are 4 things I’m instructing my management team to do:

1. Add everyone who views your LinkedIn profile
2. Post in groups
3. Blog and set to auto post
4. Use bullhorn reach’s free app to auto post

If we do these things everyday fir two weeks for as little as 30 minutes we will have a flood of applicants who want desperately to work with us.


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