Seven Tips For Marketing Graduates

Next week I will be speaking at a couple of different schools about marketing careers. As always I will focus on marketing analytics and how the most successful marketing efforts are data-driven.

With that in mind , here are my Seven Tips:

  1. Align Your Passions – Find ways to do what you love and all the hard or boring stuff will be much easier to deal with. Build on your passion and everything else will follow.
  2. Show Up Every Day – Can’t see it enough. The business needs you, the customers need you and your team mates need you.
  3. Build Your Network – Always be in a networking mindset. Think how this next person can help you achieve something.
  4. Offer Solutions – Come to meeting with some ideas. Take time to write things down. Do your homework.
  5. Tell Stories – Being able to engage a group of people to take action is the single most important skill that no one really teachers marketers.
  6. Always Have Data – Never, ever, ever base your plan on gut. The data is out there, and if its not then you need to create it.
  7. It’s All About Making Money – In the end, marketing is all about increasing revenue. You need to make the company more money with you and your plan then without it. Its really that simple.


So obviously, there is a whole lot more to it. But each of these tips are things that marketing professionals need to be thinking about every day.

And one more thing… if you don’t already have a network started on LinkedIn, you are already falling behind the pack.


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