Five LinkedIn Tips To Grab Attention From A LinkedIn All-Star

By now its clear that LinkedIn is the best way to network for job openings, new clients and professional partnerships. There really is nothing else like it when it comes to linking you to new opportunities.

As I’ll be speaking to a half dozen audiences in the next few weeks on a range of analytics topics, the one point of advice I will give every attendee is to get the maximum out of LinkedIn.

Here are 5 tips that guide me in being a LinkedIn All-Star:

  1. Have a professional AND engaging profile picture. You can go a little casual here with dress, but you definitely need to maintain a professional appeal to people. Make sure you smile and look engaging. It’s a biased and unfair world, but looks really do matter. I’ll be honest, my blue eyes are a selling point so I make sure they standout. We all have our own eye catching features… don’t waste them.
  2. You need a catchy headline. Use the space at the top of your profile wisely. I use my tagline, making data-driven decisions. It needs to stick. Think of catchy logos, mottos and taglines and use something that is personal to you and shows your passion.
  3. Use the summary wisely. This is like your cover letter or professional objective. What you write here greatly impacts how much further a recruiter will read. Like the headline it has to speak to your passions and show a real person not just another job seeker. Keep it short and simple. 2-3 sentences that engage and enchant. I talk about training and analytics the merger of my passion and my top skill set.
  4. Get some great recommendations. Focus on finding advocates who will sell you based on solutions you have provided, problems you fixed or business that you generated. These recommendations are the only thing that’s proof you are good at what you say you are good at. Maximize their effectiveness like I did by asking people who can talk about what I did to make their lives better.
  5. Join lots of relevant groups. Groups are the best way to expand your network and connect with people who are doing the same things you want to do and/or can influence hiring decisions. LinkedIn is all about networking and posting and sharing on groups is the key to being noticed. Get and stay active.


Here is the original article I based my five tips on. They are pretty universal, but you can always take the extra 10 seconds to share your source and give credit:


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