All The Tools And All of The Talent but none of the Technique… Where Good Analytics Intentions Go Bad

I have seen so many examples of this. A majority of companies throw money at analytics in the form of buying new technology, but don’t spend a fraction as much on the people who need to make the technology work.

A good analyst using Excel is much more powerful then a mediocre analyst using a cutting edge BI tool. Without the innate curiosity, knowledge of the business and ability to communicate discoveries that come with a good analyst, your analytics plans will fall short no matter what the sales reps from the analytics companies promise you.

Now we have the 2016 Presidential Election results to analyze. Most predictive models had Clinton winning. Most of the polls had Clinton winning.

So where did the analytics go wrong? Well, its definitely not the technology. And I don’t think it was the talent.

In the coming days, I am pretty sure we will find it was the technique.

It was not getting deep enough data.

It was looking at the data and seeing what you expected to see.

Curiosity was lost.

Finding new perspectives to make sure we have the right data next time.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign will be a case study in where good analytics where not good enough.

Analytics Culture – The key to using analytics in a business is like a secret sauce. It is a unique combination of analytics talent, technology and technique that are brought together to enrich and empower an organization. A successful analytics culture is not easy to create, but DMAIPH can show you how. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly so we can build a strategic plan to turn your company into analytics driven success story.



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