Analytic Techniques to Make Data Driven HR Decisions

On June 22, 2016, in Ortigas, I will be partnering with my good friends at Ariva Events Management to facilitate a workshop on HR Recruitment Analytics.

We are expecting about 100 participants to come and learn more about how to use analytics to empower more data-driven decision-making in their organizations.

Analytics is now commonly being used across all industries, but being able to use the right analytic techniques to harness the power of big data is not so common.

Topics covered in the training include:

  • What is Recruitment Analytics?
  • Self-Assessment of your Recruitment Analytics
  • Analytic Techniques for Finding the Right Data at the Right Time
  • Applicant Tracking Systems & Social Media
  • Big Data and Recruiting Analytic Strategies
  • Business Intelligence, Data Visualization & Business   Dashboards Technologies
  • Building Meaningful HR Recruitment Techniques

New technologies like social networks, applicant tracking systems and business intelligence applications are fundamentally changing the entire recruitment process from sourcing to placement.


A standard definition of HR Recruitment analytics is simply the metrics and analysis that relates to recruiting in a business.

However, we all know its actually a lot more challenging in practice.

The pressure to deliver results has never been greater.

HR and Recruitment managers are now more than ever required to demonstrate the return on investment their efforts are contributing to the bottom line.

So as the day progresses we will use hands of exercises based on real business cases to come up with solutions to the data challenges around us.

We will also look at several of the biggest trends in HR Recruitment Analytics. Sixmonths into 2016, there are the ones I have identified as the most common:

  1. Millennial Job-Hoppers
  2. Fresh Grad Skills Mismatch
  3. Selling Compelling Brands
  4. Focus Shift on Retention
  5. Social Media is not the magic solution
  6. Go Mobile or Go Dinosaur
  7. Big Data will make life better
  8. Analytics solutions that actually work

Don’t fall behind the competition. Recruiting for top talent in the Philippines is one of the hardest jobs on the planet right now. If your team is not armed with the best analytic techniques it will only get harder to stay a head in the game.

Let me know if you are interested in attending and I will connect you with my business partners at Ariva.



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