Worried Your Call Center Job Might Be Taken by a Robot? You should be.


I shared this article on an FB group and got a lot of inquires from people who are indeed seeing an opportunity to move from a call center job to a Data Science and Analytics (DSA) job.

Most of the questions revolved around how to transition.

Want to get Data Science and Analytics Training. Not sure how, here are some tips!

  1. Self-Teach a Skill. (YouTube has thousands of free resources)
  2. Volunteer at Work. (Find out what skills are in demand in your company and ask if you can help)
  3. Take a Training Class (there are a lot of public training classes out there, including some that DMAIPH does).
  4. Read a Book (Experts share a lot… like my book Putting Your Data to Work: An Analytics Guidebook for Filipino Professionals)
  5. Find a Mentor (Jedi Knights start as an apprentice, so do many analysts and data scientists)
  6. Join a Group (there are a lot of meet up groups like Data Science Philippines you can use to network)
  7. Go Back to School (a few dozen schools here in the Philippines are either already offering data science an analytics programs are kicking them off soon)
  8. Follow a Blog. (Besides reading books, there are a lot of good ideas shared on blogs like mine, dmaiph.com)
  9. Become a Member (join associations like aap.ph aka Analytics Association of the Philippines)

Another question that came up often was, “What should you learn first?”

Find a tool, technique or technology that is high demand and fits your interests and aptitude. The best way to find out what to focus on is do a job search for the kind of job you want and look at the requirements. For newbies some of the in demand skills are

  • SQL (the most widely used language used for data analytics)
  • Microsoft Excel (if you know pivot tables, simple formulas and can make decent visuals you will be in high demand)
  • Tableau (a free version called Tableau Public can be downloaded and is easy to learn)
  • R (the most widely used tool for predictive analytics and data science and its free)

And then a lot more people added me on FB, hoping to network and find new opportunities. Thats a good tip too. Networking is key.

DMAIPH offers a wide range of analytics centric training solutions for professionals and students via public, in-house, on-site, and academic settings. We tailor each training event to meet the unique needs of the audience.

jobspicture2If you need empowerment and skills enhancement to optimize the use of analytics in your organization, we are here to help. Contact DMAIPH now at analytics@dmaiph.com or connect with me directly to set up a free consultation to learn which of our DMAIPH analytics training solutions is best for you.


Also if you own or manage a call center, we can help. In fact, DMAIPH has successfully set up Filipino analytics teams for over a dozen U.S. based businesses. Offering both virtual and office based teams that specialize in problem solving using data, new technology and analytics techniques is our strength.

Finding and empowering analytics talent is increasingly challenging, but we have mastered Surfing Into The Storm and can show you how to succesfully set up a team. Contact DMAIPH now at analytics@dmaiph.com or connect with me directly to learn more about how to set up an analytics-centric team in the Philippines.


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