APEC Data Science & Analytics Key Competency #1: Operational Analytics

According to the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation)  Advisory Group, Operational Analytics is one of the key competencies of a Data Science & Analytics professional working in the region.

By definition, a DSA professional uses data analytics and specialized business analytics (i.e. business intelligence) techniques for the investigation of all relevant data to derive insight in support of decision-making.

Operational analytics is made up of all the analytics processes within an organization that take data and transforms the data into actionable intelligence. In short, this is management reporting.

Without a doubt the most widely used form of analytics, management reporting is deeply ingrained into the culture of data-driven organizations.

I often liken management reporting to a pyramid. The bottom of the pyramid is the data or the base of decision-making in an organization.

The middle of the pyramid is the processes of operational analytics. Where the data is transformed.

The top of the pyramid is the decision-making. Managers need intelligence that comes in the form of insights. Great analysts deliver these insights in reports, dashboards and visualizations.

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