APEC Data Science & Analytics Key Competency #3: Data Management and Governance

According to the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Advisory Group, Data Management and Governance is one of the key competencies of a Data Science & Analytics professional working in the region.

By definition, a DSA professional can develop and implement data management strategies and governance, while incorporating privacy, data security, polices and regulations, and ethical considerations.

The concepts of data management and data governance are kind of the like the chicken… you really can’t have one without the other. Although to the layman, data management includes data governance.

The simplest way to put it, is that data management is the physical aspects of data collecting, capturing, storing, segmenting, etc. Data governance is then the rules or guiding principles that direct how data management works.

There are a lot of data management resources out there. There are not a lot of data governance resources out there. This is why in a majority of companies, we have raw data that needs a lot of cleaning and refining before it can be used in a business.

Organizations that are good in data governance, generally have solid data management. Mature analytics companies have data that is easy to access, is accurate and is used in decision-making.

Data Governance is composed on three parts: People, Process and Technology.

DMAI_DataGovernanceThe people have titles like database admins, data stewards and data warehouse experts. They enforce the laws and rules around data within an organization.

The technology used is generally programming languages, coding and joining data structures to layout the blueprint of how data flows throughout the organization’s hardware.

The process is the rules, generally set down by senior management, and often in line with government or industry regulations that govern how data should be used.

If your organization has a lot of data, has people that are well versed in data management, and uses data to feed decision-making, then you need to make sure you have solid data governance.

If you don’t, DMAIPH can help. Likely you are missing key people, clear processes, and/or the right technology to ensure your data is being governed correctly.


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