HR Analytics in the Era of Digital Transformation: Thinking Through the Box

Later today I  will be speaking to a group of HR Managers and Leaders from the BPO Industry. The gist of my talk will be about the disruption we are all feeling from big data and technology in our businesses.

We can all agree that attracting and retaining top talent has never been harder than it is right now. Years of sustained growth coupled with a progression up the outsourcing value chain have made the integration of analytics into our HR organizations paramount to continued success.

The future looks even more challenging. The way we used to manage talent just don’t work anymore.

New technologies like social networks, applicant tracking systems, business dashboards and business intelligence applications are fundamentally changing the entire talent management process from sourcing to placement to retirement.

These new technologies are enabling HR Managers with vast amounts of big data and providing truly actionable insights which allows a deeper understand of what’s working and what’s not working when it comes to our talent strategy.

Disruption is now the new normal. Cutting edge HR Managers utilize data-driven techniques like; capability analytics, competency acquisition analytics, capacity analytics, employee churn analytics, corporate culture analytics, recruitment channel analytics, leadership analytics and employee performance analytics.

I often say that managing the talent pipeline in the Philippines right now is one of the hardest jobs of the planet.

Dr. Data_Analytics in the Philippines

In fact, the pressure to deliver results has never been greater as HR managers are increasingly required to demonstrate the return on investment their efforts are contributing to the company’s bottom line.

HR Managers that get this, use analytics to not just succeed in these disruptive times, they thrive. They have figured out how to blend the science that is big data analytics with the art of taking care of people. For the BPO industry to continue enjoying prosperity, HR Managers need to become HR Analytics Managers.


HR & Recruitment Analytics – The recruitment and retention of top talent is the biggest challenge facing just about every organization. You really have to Think Through The Box to come up with winning solutions to effectively attract, retain and manage talent in the Philippines today.

DMAIPH is a leading expert in empowering HR & Recruitment teams with analytics techniques to optimize their talent acquisition and management processes. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to learn how to get more analytics in your HR & Recruitment process so you can rise to the top in the ever quickening demand for top talent.


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