13 Months in the Philippines

Updated 12/10/16…

I wrote this 4.5 years ago. As my 5 year plan to become a name brand in analytics in the Philippines comes to a close, I thought it a good time to select on the lessons of my first year. So I will repost these lessons from what seems like a lifetime a goal to see what I have truly learned from my adventures. 

After having a month of vacation, I been able to do a lot of reflecting on my 13 Months in the Philippines. My plan is to share with you some of the life lessons I learned from the experience. I had an amazing time, getting to live my professional dream and impacting hundreds of people. I also learned as many important lessons in my personal life as well. And since its an analytics blog, I will also include some analytics insights as well.

Lesson 1 – May 2012 – Finding the Right People
Lesson 2 – June 2012 – Training is My Passion
Lesson 3 – July 2012 – Growing the Business
Lesson 4 – August 2012 – Mother Nature Strikes
Lesson 5 – September 2012 – Cracks in the Pavement
Lesson 6 – October 2012 – You Cant Go Home Again
Lesson 7 – November 2012 – Flying Solo
Lesson 8 – December 2012 – Holidays in the Philippines
Lesson 9 – January 2013 – New Beginnings
Lesson 10 – February 2013 – The Future is Bright
Lesson 11 – March 2013 – Missed Opportunities
Lesson 12 – April 2013 – The Wheels Come Off
Lesson 13 – May 2012 – Exit Plans

At the bottom of each blog post you will see links to various analytics tools, concepts and YouTube videos to help add more color to my experiences.

Hope you like it enough to follow along!

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