How High Is Too High? I Don’t Ever Want To Find Out

Somedays I ask myself, why am I never satisfied?

What caused me to be one always looking for ways to improve?

It can be a lonely place sometimes when you have your bar set higher then most people would even dare to reach for.

It can be a sad place when you realize you have gone as far as you can go with some people.

My life is full of instances where people just gave up on trying to follow me.

They choose a path more traveled and less difficult.

I can never do that.

Until my dying breath I will aim high.

I will not always reach that goal, but I will never have to look myself in the mirror and lie to myself about giving my best.

For giving my best is what I have always done and will always do.

I am stubborn in the belief that I can do anything and refuse to give up hope.

For those who choose to get left behind, I am sad you stopped reaching for the stars.

You settled for half way.

But not me. Never me. Its not possible for me too do what you do.


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