Did you know that businesses that have solid analytics are 33% more profitible and 10x more efficient?


Did you know that businesses that have solid analytics are 33% more profitible and 10x more efficient?

Per Wikipedia, the definition of analytics is simply the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data.

While most people have an idea of what Analytics is: data, analysis, metrics, and business intelligence are just the start… it is an abstract concept that is difficult to summarize in a sentence or two. Most business leaders know that they need more analytics based decision making in their operations, however few have figured out how to obtain it as analytics software or engaging high priced consultants doesn’t suffice.

This is where I come in. Having spent 15 years as an analyst with Wells Fargo Bank, I get analytics. I have combined that practical experience with my educational background; I have a Master’s Degree in Education, and developed an innovative approach to unlocking the power of analytics.

My company offers both analytics consulting and training packages. Our upcoming training batches:

• May 10th, 11th, Recruitment Analytics, Mandaluyong

• May 24th, 25th, Analytics for Analysts and IT, Mandaluyong

We also offer analytics solutions designed for small business owners and entrepreneurs as well conduct specialized corporate consulting and training packages.

I have found that being able to harness the power of analytics is as much an art as it is a science. In the end, analytics is about three things; finding data, analyzing it and communicating the results.

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Dan Meyer

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