Doing What I Do Best!

Yesterday, I had the privilege to do what I do best… talk to about analytics. Its been a few months since I was in front of an audience interested in hearing me speak about my career and share with them my passion for using data to drive decision-making. Thanks to one of my key business partners, PMCM Events Management, I was one of several speakers who spent the day with IT students from St. Scholastica College in Manila.

I got to share the stage with my good friends and frequent collaborators Khoa Bui and Raffy Pekson, made some new friends with Leila and Paolo and even got to be up there with one of my idols Janette Toral. It was truly a special day for me as I felt so happy to be back in a place where I can actually do something to make the world a little better place. By giving the St. Scho students some guidance and direction I know we were able to help many of them discover new career possibilities and open their minds to new ways of looking at their future.

For my part, I just had about 40 minutes to give a simple Introduction to Analytics. I went over briefly the concept of analytics, talked about what analysts do and gave a few examples of current trends in analytics. It’s just the tip of the iceberg so to say, but I am sure I inspired a few students to share the dreams I have… about data!!! Haha!1230045_327373597408090_1366603456_n


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