DMAI – The Strategic Plan

Sometime I get asked the question, what is my strategic plan for DMAI. My answer is simple, “to be THE name brand when it comes to analytics in the Philippines.” Of course the next question is always, how will you get there?

Well, that is a little more complex. DMAI offers a variety of analytics solutions that all feed into our vision of being the top of the analytics pyramid. They include:

1. Partnering with countries abroad to provide analytics services to international clients.
2. Providing analytics solutions to companies located here in the Philippines.
3. Offering our expertise by coaching to executives and managers.
4. Conducting analytics trainings for companies and professionals located in the Philippines.
5. Empowering Filipino students and young professionals with the skills needed for careers in analytics.

So that’s a lot. How are we doing so far?

Let’s look at the data… I so love data!

Since May 2012:
> Directly trained over 70 fresh grads from almost two dozen schools.
> Trained over 50 Business Owners, SMEs, HR and Recruiting Professionals.
> Provided on site training and consulting for three small BPO companies.
> Completed over ten analytics projects for small businesses in the US and the Philippines.
> Made over a dozen media appearances on TV, Radio and the Internet.
> Set up analytics outsourcing agreements with five different companies based in the US and India.
> Spoke publicly at seven different schools here in the Philippines.
> Been a featured speaker at four different public seminars.
> Crafted over 150 blog posts.
> And am so close to finishing my first book.

We still have a long way to go, but DMAI is well on its way to achieving our goal!

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