Just Do It… the best motto ever!!!!

From My recent Facebook status update “10 Days…. Two Hotels, Five Malls, Seven Business Proposals, Three Worship Services (including one in Tagalog), Added Two More Speaking Engagements, Interviewed Five, In the middle of two data projects, Kicked off a two month social media project, Blogged Everyday, Added 100’s of LinkedIn Connections, and I’m Just Getting Started!”

You see a lot of inspirational quotes out there, as people try and find the energy to get up everyday and go about their lives. Personally, the Nike one is the best ever. Its so simple, but so powerful. It is equal parts inspiration, motivation and achievement.

Why? Because its the key to success. All of the strategies, self-help books, business plans, meetings with experts, etc… none of them mean as much as just getting out there and doing things!!!!

If anyone were to ever ask me what is the secret to my drive? What’s behind my passion? That’s the answer… Just Do It!



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