We Are The Choices We Make

This time of the year, I tend to be very reflective.. both on the year that is almost past and the life that is one more year of me in the making.

Which each year we are faced with new challenges and new opportunities. How we deal with these challenges and what we do with these opportunities shape the year and the person we have become.

Its all about the choices we make.

As wes spend the last few days of the year with family and friends, enjoying the holidays, I think its important to look at the choices we have made that have led us to where we are now.

We made some good choices and we made some bad choices, but if indeed we are happier now than we were before the we are mainly making the right choices. If not, then its a good time make some resolutions to make better decisions in the coming year.

For in the end we are the choice we make.


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