Training Opportunity To Train the Teachers Who Teach Business Analytics

The more I sink my teeth into the CHED memo, I find more and more business opportunites.

CHED is requiring that all faculty members should posses the educational qualifications, professional experience, and teaching ability for the successful conduct of the program.

Requirements include:

  1. At least a bachelor’s degree holder
  2. At least 2 years experience in the field of specialization that will be taught by the faculty or has undergone specializes training in Business Analytics from reputable institutions and has some experience in the required field of specialization.
  3. Industry practitioners and entrepreneurs in knowledge-based enterprises and services even without a master’s degree will be allowed to team teach with a designated faculty member. Industry practitioners will be allowed to each with a designated faculty member.
  4. Industry associations and companies wihc are engaged in service knowledge enterprise and services practically in IT education and business analytics should provide opportunities for faculty development to improve their teaching skills and upgrade course materials as well as continuing education for professional growth and research. It is strongly suggested that and HEI should at least have one industry partner with a MOA to ensure technology transfer, faculty training and OJT placements.
  5. Top academic institutions should invite knowledgeable speakers and professors to conduct seminars and training programs on the Business Analytics to help enhance the ideas of the faculty training on Business Analytics.

Just coming up with training materials and doing workshops alone is one thing DMAI will be launching soon to meet this need.



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