Analytics 3.0, Big Data Equals Big Insights: Learning to Use Big Data to Build a Smarter Global Workforce

That was the title of my quick introduction to Big Data for HR to a crowd of about 1,000 HR professionals yesterday. My agenda was to talk about:

  • Using Big Data in HR to empower more Data-Driven Decision-Making
  • Extracting Key Business Insights using Big Data
  • A Big Data Analytics centered approach to building A Smarter Global Workforce

I must say it was pretty awesome as the topic generated a lot of discussion about the biggest challenges facing HR professionals when it comes to Big Data.


Not surprisingly, one of the top challenges the attendees are facing back at work is getting their managers to support Big Data initiatives. There is such a great need for awareness of what Big Data is all about and how analytics is used to extract the right data to give decision-makers the ability to make smarter decision.

To start off, I suggestesd they think of HR Analytics like a Pyramid

Start with the base and gather all the HR Big Data

Build to the middle of using HR specific Analytics

Strategic Focus comes out ofthe top and you get Actionable Insights

If you can show that a Big Data approach adds value, optimizes processes and provide a strong return on investment. Basically you need to use data to support the use of more data.

Identifying data sources and analytical resources can provide guidance in understanding your organization’s needs and capability to adopt a talent-centric data-driven approach.

Having a data-centric culture is the first step in optimizing the Big Data in your business.

And my final word of advice was that you have to be the one to champion Big Data. You can’t wait for someone else to. As a leader in HR, you need to be the one pushing the issue of how to use Big Data to to the forefront.


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