The Number Of Solutions Is Just Not Enough

I just came across a couple of companies like DMAI that provide Philippines based analytics outsourcing to overseas clients. I guess that makes about a half dozen companies that I know of that are seriously trying to take advantage of the huge opportunities out there to push the Philippines to the forefront of global analytics solutions.

However, its just not enough. I see more and more Filipinos everyday employed in analytics for a wide range of companies. The number of analysts out there has mushroomed from a few thousand to tens of thousands in just a few years. Yet, a large percentage of these analysts need a lot of help to optimize the analytics in their businesses.

The efforts of big industry, working with the government and higher education to include analytics training within college curriculums is really picking up steam with dozens of schools in the early implementation stages of preparing tomorrows analytics talent.  Yet, the projections are so staggering that even if every schools filled every planned class to the max we will stall have a huge talent shortage.


I am equally excited to dive deeper into the midst of this opportunity as I am sometimes a little overwhelmed with where to focus most of my energy.

Writing books, teaching courses, training, public speaking, setting up data science teams, taking on more outsourcing clients, the list just keeps getting bigger.

The number of solutions is just not enough.. .talk about being at the right place at the right time. No wonder I am having the time of my life.


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