I Would Add Good Data & Analytics …

I came across this picture awhile back … For anyone who consistently challenges themselves, they can relate to most of these points.


  • Persistence
  • Failure
  • Sacrifice
  • Disappointment
  • Dedication
  • Hard Work
  • Good Habits

And to this list I will add two more:

  • Good Data
  • Analytics

One thing I think we do not do enough of in both personal and business decision-making is to find ways to track the effectiveness of being persistent. Knowing when to stay the course, go in reverse or take a quick turn to the left can guided by tracking the success behind being persistent.

Likewise, having a measurement for failure vs. success can be important too. In sports we look at failure rates all the time.. .a .200 hitter or a 25% shooter is a failure. So its much easier to know if you are good at hitting a ball or making a basket when you have measurements.

Sacrifice and disappointment are a bit trickier to quantify, but we can still come up with ways to measure these too through tools like a self-assessment or survey.

Dedication, hard work and good habits can also be challenging to tie a metric too a first. But if you come up with formulas that take production, quality and consistent data and combine them you can come up with something workable.

Infusing some data and analytics into how you judge your success will go a long way in helping you maintain that level of success.

Good data is pieces of information or knowledge that can be used in measuring success. How do you know if you are successful unless you have something to compare your data too.

Analytics allows you to use the data for analysis to understand how you got to be a success and what factors might cause you to lose that success.

Curious about how to put some more data and analytics into your business. so you can have a better idea of what success is supposed to look like? I’m here to help.