Why I Believe in the Philippines

About 5 years ago I decided to leave behind my analytics career with Wells Fargo, move 6,000 miles away and set up a new business in the Philippines.

My belief in the Philippines was fueled by two key factors.

One based on observation and one based on data. I imagine that when a person looks at life changing decisions like the one I made back in 2011, they tend to be heavy on what they see (and therefore feel) and not so much on what is not so easy to see (what the data suggests).

I knew I would like it in the Philippines. I don’t like being cold. I love being near water. I grew up around a lot of Filipinos so I am very comfortable being immersed in the culture. Filipinos by and large are nice, hospitable and easy to get along with. The basic needs in life would be meet for me if I lived in the Philippines.

However, I was not looking to retire in comfort like so many Americans who end up in the Philippines are motivated by. I was looking to set up a business. And not just any business but one I am passionate about.

My passion is analytics. Using data to drive more intelligent decision-making is something I know well. And I am good at talking about it. My deepest satisfaction comes from helping students and young professionals unlock the analyst inside of them.

The big question that I needed to answer with data though, was could I set up a business and make a living in the Philippines talking about analytics. Training, consulting, public speaking… would there be enough of it for me to pay the bills.

Based on the expected economic growth of the Philippines. Based on the young, tech savvy and English speaking work force. Based on the boom on the BPO industry. Based on the strategic importance of the Philippines. Based on the quickening demand for analytics talent against a shallow supply.

Every box checked off yes. The data pointed to one direction. Setting up an analytics business in the Philippines would be not only financially positive but would allow me to do what I do best. Be an analytics champion.

So that is why I believe so deeply in the Philippines. The emotional connection that comes from being in the Philippines combined with the opportunity so finely illustrated by the data and analysis.

With every step forward this belief is edified.

With every step backward, this belief is only strengthened.

Persevere. Keep going. Enjoy the success and live past the failures. Never give up and never surrender.

This is something that is special about the both my story and the story of the Filipino people.

I am blessed with being able to do what I love in a place where I am needed and can make a difference. It feels like destiny.

That is why I believe in the Philippines.