Which Analytics Training Is For You?

From my perspective analytics training options fall into the following categories:

  1. Introduction to and/or Overview of Analytics
  2. Technical Training on Specific Analytics Topics
  3. Data Science/Advanced Analytics Training

Knowing which type of training you are selecting is super important as people just starting to get comfortable with analytics will probably be lost in a data science training.

On the flip side, a seasoned data geek will get bored in a introduction or overview class.

SO how can you tell which is which?

Here are a few suggestion on how to separate the intro classes from the technical classes from the data science classes .

First, most people who train on predictive analytics, using lots of math, statistics and building data models are probably talking data science. To get your bang for your buck in these classes you need to have a lot of exposure to the science side of analytics and be completely comfortable finding, analyzing and reporting data.

Second, if you are already working with data and you have specific tools you are working with for specific data functions, then you might be best served by going to a technical centric training. Like if you are using a tool like Tableau or Qlik or IBM Cognos to do marketing analytics or sending workforce management reports.

That leaves people who are either new to the idea of analytics or are just not sure where to start. Then you need an overview of analytics to figure out what you need in your business. Once you have a handle on your data, then you can really focus on certain technical aspects and get into data science.

The training I am conducting on November 22 is of the third kind. I will be giving an overview of various analytics techniques and technologies and introducing you to a variety of concepts to make the idea of using data to make decisions a reality.

On February, 21, 2017 I will be hosting a training on Data Analytics. E-mail us at analytics@dmaiph.com to register or get more info.

As a bonus, all attendees will also get a copy of my new book, Putting Your Data to Work. It’s a guidebook specifically designed for Filipino professionals looking to up their analytics games.


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