So Just What is Analytics Anyway?


In less than 200 words… Analytics is simply the discover of patterns in data.

Analytics is used by organizations to answer business questions, predict business trends, mitigate risk and provide actionable insights.

Businesses who use analytics are at least 33% more profitable and up to 10x more efficient then ones who don’t.

To be successful with analytics you must have the 3 T’s; talent, technology and technique.

When you have a team of curious people who like to use data in their decision-making, you have the talent. It is not just a matter of training them to be great analysts.

Using tools like business intelligence applications, data visualizations and business dashboards, allows technology super charge your teams ability to analyze data.

Knowing what analytic technique to apply for any specific business need is the third component you need to be awesome with analytics.

Investing in analytics will give you an edge over your competition and optimize your team’s potential.

Make one of your 2017 goals to get more analytics in your business to empower more data-driven decisions!

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Daniel Meyer

President & Founder of DMAIPH

Decision-Making, Analytics & Intelligence Philippines

News & Events- DMAIPH is a highly engaged leader, sponsor and participant in analytics events across the U.S. and the Philippines. As an Analytics Champion I write, blog, speak and lecture about analytics in a wide variety of forums. I authored several publications on analytics including my latest book, Putting Your Data to Work. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly to learn more about where I will be talking about analytics next.

DMAIPH will be at the Techtonic2017 event being put on by PMCM Events Management this coming July!



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