The Huge Growth Opportunity of Analytics in the Philippines

The Philippines is standing on the precipice of a huge opportunity.

We are in a similar place to where we were 10 years ago when the Call Center Industry was just taking off.

Now instead of becoming a global hub for customer service calls, the opportunity is becoming a center for analytics and data science.

There is nowhere to go but up.

Here is why…

  • A well-documented need for analytics talent globally.
  • A youthful workforce of English speakers with an affinity for Western Culture.
  • Leadership from within the government and higher education pushing the inclusion of analytics and data science into college and even high school curriculums.
  • A vibrant work force of young professionals that have experience working for international companies and assisting people from all over the world.
  • A strong sense of self-preservation in the BPO industry to offer “up the value chain” services to their clients.
  • Industry leaders and business owners with an insatiable appetite to keep the county’s economic momentum in growth mode.
  • A collection of thought leaders, analytics experts and actual data scientists that are
    highly motivated to lead the country to data-driven success.

There are undoubtedly many more.

The bottom line is 2017 is looking like it will be the year the analytics and data science are firmly established as strengths of doing business in and with the Philippines.


Analytics in the Philippines – The Philippines is at the center of the action when it comes to solutions to the global need for analytics. Blessed with a solid foundation of young, educated and English speaking workforce, companies around the world are look for Filipino analytics talent to fill analytics positions. DMAIPH was set up to facilitate these solutions and bring the talent and the business together. Contact DMAIPH now at or connect with me directly so we can help you take advantage of this unique global opportunity.