7 Reasons for Filipinos To Get into Analytics Right Now

Some people ask why did I come to the Philippines.

Why did I leave a great analytics career at Wells Fargo and move 6,000 miles away to set up a business?

Was it just for the money? What really motivated me?

Am I worried about the current political forces that can potentially divide my home country and my adopted country?

Am i really gonna stick it out with the Philippines?

Well the answer to all those questions is simple. For the past 5 years I have worked to help empower Filipinos with more analytics. I will keep doing it as long as I can because I have faith in this country, the Filipino people and my ability to make a difference.

Below are 7 reasons why I believe what I believe. And these have held true for the past 5 years and will most certainly hold true for at least the next 5 years.

7 Reasons for Filipinos To Get into Analytics Right Now

  1. Huge Growth Opportunity
  2. Awesome Salaries
  3. Global Demand
  4. Empowers Curiosity
  5. Technology Driven
  6. Unlock Your Potential
  7. The Sky is the Limit

I will write a series of blog posts with more detail on each of the 7 points, but the bottom line is that for someone like me who has a passion for teaching analytics, there is no where in the world better to be.

The Huge Growth Opportunity of Analytics in the Philippines. I see this an undeniable fact  that both global and domestic forces are pushing the Philippines forward to new types of jobs and new skills sets that will likely continue to boom.

The Awesome Salaries Filipino Analytics Professionals Can Earn. There is a lot of money to be made if you are a data geek and the amazing rise in salaries and the salaries being offered to fill new positions are very high. The need for analytics talent is driving a buyer’s market.

The Global Demand for Analytics Talent is Looking at the Philippines Right Now. There just aren’t enough people across the globe who can do analytics well. Like with call centers and with OFWs the Philippines is considered a top potential source of talent.

Filipino Companies Who Get Analytics Empower Curiosity. When you come across a domestic company that understand analytics you find truly engaged employees. They know they are valued because the see the data and it empowers them to be curious and to think outside the box.

Filipinos with an Affinity for Technology are Natural Born Analysts. Social Media, Programming, IT. Computer Science… there are a number of factors at play that imbue the millennial workforce with a penchant for working with data to solve problems.

Analytics Careers in the Philippines can Unlock Your Potential. The need to fill all levels of analytics jobs creates opportunities for quick advancement. It its generally merit based, so the harder you work the more opportunity you can create for yourself.

The Sky is the Limit for Analytics in the Philippines. There is no where to go but up. On both a country wide as well as an individual level, there is really no hard ceiling on what we can do. It really is completely up to us how high we go.


General Analytics – Analytics is the application of using data and analysis to discover patterns in data. DMAIPH specializes in empowering and enabling leaders, managers, professionals and students with a mastery of analytics fundamentals. Contact DMAIPH now at analytics@dmaiph.com or connect with me directly to find out what we can do to help you acquire the analytics mastery you and your organization need to be successful in today’s data-driven global marketplace.


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