OFW Recruitment Analytics = Zero Hits on Google

So in a few weeks I will be speaking at an event for OFW Recruitment Agency owners, managers and recruiters.

I didn’t expect to find much data on how analytics is used to measure effectiveness and to optimize the OFW recruitment process, but I was kinda hoping something might pop up.

So questions I’m hoping to find some insight into:

  1. Do agencies find value in retaining or re-contracting OFWs for additional employments?
  2. Do agencies use any analytics in their demographic profiling to recruiting certain types of OFWs from targeted geographic, social economic, religious, or live of education groups?
  3. Do agencies have data on how they stack up next to competitors who are filling similar requirements?
  4. Do agencies have internal business data that is used optimize operations.

My gut tells me although you’d hope I here yeses in response to these questions, most agencies would actually answer with a no.

Just on the off chance anyone knows of any studies, research projects or public data on analytics and OFW recruitment, thought I would share this.


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