The Data Analyst Era


Do you think this is still the career era for nurses? The era of Physical Therapist?  The Networking era? The I.T eras? Why don’t you try to type in google right now and search Most in demand jobs in the futureand you will mostly find “Analyst” on every job description in demand in the future. The worst case is that you will also discover the worst job in the future, if you have been caught on that category. I say we are here to save you.

We are here to help you start building your future right now be the first one to learn and know what is in demand. We are here to supply you knowledge and provide you a strong foundation in analytics. We have the same curiosity when it comes to analytics? Trust me, I’m not a big fan of numbers, but I’m wrong, I never thought analytics also plays a role in giving us a perception through data visualization with the right purpose of using numbers. Not just some numbers you need to compute instructed by your professors to do so.


It’s all about numbers but.

It also equips with visualization with easy number to analyze. If you notice right now visualization plays an important role in our digital age today. Because we prefer to see imagery instead of computation, we prefer reading pictures instead reading books. Analytics have the same concept and there is a huge shortage of people who are skilled in working with data to answer questions to solve problems. Sonic Analytics

Therefore, you have seen the number of analyst job postings increasing at an amazing rate. Then why not apply it into our career, use this as an asset for you to innovate.


For those who are interested in or just beginning a career in data analysis,

here’s a few tips to help you get started,

Be willing to learn,

Being a sponge in learning data analysis (and with any field) can only reap the benefits. With data analysis, it’s important to start small and learn the basics and foundations before moving on and tackling bigger things. learning-picture.jpg

Building a solid foundation of education in the beginning helps you know the basics and allows you to work on building your skills and knowledge as you progress through your career.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get help

You can’t do it alone, and not seeing out help can cost you opportunities as you progress through your career. Reaching out isn’t a sign of defeat or being unknowledgeable, it shows that you’re passionate and want to learn more but need the proper guidance to get you there.images

Becoming a data analyst is a great career option for those who love to work with numbers with the right tools (We will guide you) to help you and to help companies, organizations draw conclusions and arm them with the information they need to make for decision making.

If you’re a beginner,

26993474_1325177484294358_3157857508557595202_nDon’t worry, we are here to teach you the important fundamentals of data analytics step by step in a layman’s term.

Now, it’s your big chance to participate in our upcoming trainings which focuses more on teaching young professionals like you.


DMAIPH is proud to present this 3-day Data Analytics training that covers different aspects of data identification, collection, storage, transformation, and analysis and involve hands-on use of common data management and analysis tools such as Excel, SQL and in depth learning of the tool “Tableau”, this is also designed for those with little to no prior experience with these tools.

Analytics Experts Dan Meyer (DMAIPH) and Dominic Ligot (Cirrolytix) have joined forces to offer a unique training focusing on both the Analysis and the Management of Big Data.

Attendees will learn how to identify the right data, how data can be efficiently stored, then transformed into a friendly form for analysis, and finally how data analysis can yield insights.

Come and Join Us!

Data Analytics 3.0

February 20 – 22 | 9:00am to 5:00pm

For inquiries: |

|  (02) 959 – 8017 | 0917-799-2827


Register Now!


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