Dan Meyer = CEO, Blogger, and Analytics Edutainer


I came across a word today I had not heard before… edutainer. Dr. Hans Rosling (my hero) of www.gapminder.org was quoted as be one of the foremost edutainers in the world. He uses an entertaining style to educate and I is famous for the enthusiasm and passion that comes about when he presents data. I am of the same mold. I see training/teaching as a form of edutainment.

The line between a good teacher and a stand up comic is very thin… both make money standing in front of people and talking about things they know. Some of the best teacher we ever had are the ones whose passion made science or history fun. And the line between trainer and game show host is also pretty thin. You have to be witty, engaging and charming to a wide audience to keep them coming back.

So yeah, I am proud to say that I am an edutainer… part teacher, part stand-up comic, part trainer, put game show host. You put it all together and you get what happens at my analytics trainings… you learn, you have fun, you gain skill and you are entertained.

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