Does more time mean more profits for a small business owner?

Reposting from the Small Business Manila site… Does more time mean more profits for a small business owner? 417789_10151477823381716_2054840398_n

For me it sure does.

Small business owners are working more hours, even 7 days a week, leaving them less and less time for rest and relaxation. How much, in actual dollars, do owners value an extra hour of time per day?

To a small business owner, TIME is both the #1 commodity as well as the #1 asset. You cannot buy time, and despite many proclamations to the opposite, you can’t even save it. It passes, unrelentingly. So your most important use of your most important commodity / asset is simply how to SPEND your time.

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As a Small Business Owner and Entrepreneur… each hour is a measureable commodity that I have to use wisely.


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