My Primary Professional Dream > Give A TED Talk!

I came across this awesome TED talk about a big data analysis project to determine what country does the most good in the world.

I imagine this is the process that Simon went through to go from a general curiosity to giving an enchanting TED talk.

I have a question. What country does the most good in the world?

I identify the data I need and then I look for that data.
Some of it already is being gathered and is easy to find. Some data I even have to create through surveys and research projects.

I pull together all the data and start to inventory it. To put it into smaller chunk for both analysis and story telling.

As I analyze the data I see many things I expected to see, but I make also lots of discoveries I didn’t expect.

I share the data with other experts to fine tune the story I want the data to tell.

I then am ready to share the data with the intended audience, in this case the world!

Some day soon, that is my dream. To share some amazing data and use it to tell a story worthy of a global audience!

By the way, his web site is


Very, very cool stuff!


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