Replicating The Magic

I am looking for an existing call center to partner with.

I have a client who is interested in the possibility of opening up a second site. We currently have a 20 seat customer care team in Ortigas. In 2015, the plan is to open a 2nd site of the same size in a different location to give the client better business continuity options.

The client is an online auction site and its customers are auction houses, bidders and sellers. The auction houses need technical support with the client’s online auction tool and the bidders and sellers would mainly need help with billing and shipping questions.

The requirements would be space for at least 10 workstations (doubled up if need be), but ideally 20. Also a spot for a team supervisor. The team would be pretty close to 24/7. There may be some off hours late in the afternoon/early in the evening Philippines time.

The team would do a combination of inbound e-mail and telephone customer service. The expected volumes are about 50 e-mails and 30 calls a day per analyst at peak times. Normal levels are closer to 30 emails and 15 calls a day.

The phones are internet based so no need for a phone switch. The internet requirements is at least 5 mbps, but ideally it’s closer to 10 mpbs.
The salaries for the current team are 14-18K based on experience and for the supervisor 25-30K.

As part of the set-up, the client would be pretty hands off doing all the training via internet. Once in production a daily check in between the supervisor and the client would be required.

Let me know if either you are interested or if you know of someone else who might be interested in taking on the client.

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