Three Customer Service Tips We Can Do More Often

Came across this article on LinkedIn and wanted to share the 3 new rules of customer service, because more often then not, I think most of us are still missing them.

1. Connect with your customers using the channel and platform of their choice. DMAI get’s way more queries about our analytics business via our FB page and my blog then by website, phone or e-mail. Yet, even after several attempts to have someone responsible for our Social Media, we still don’t have a consistent strategy. Need to fix that asap!


2. Being proactive means talking with your customers before they decide to use your services. Have conversations that reveal needs and assess opportunities so when the customer is ready to buy, the deal is actually already closed.

3. Having a human voice means really taking a minute to put yourself in the customers shoes. How would you want to be served if you were them? We still rely to much on canned responses and agreeing to have a meeting someday. Not enough let’s figure this out right now.

So, from the article I took away a few to dos to help have more customer insight and deliver better customer service. Hope you do as well! 🙂