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How to Get People to Like You: 7 Ways From an FBI Behavior Expert

Sharing the above link to an interesting Time Magazine article I just read.

As I continue my networking efforts to add another client to DMAI as well as teach some of my employees how to become better networkers, this was a really timely read.

Here are some the top keys to success mentioned:

1. Seek others opinions. We people realize that you are interested in your opinion, then they will always have a positive impression of you. Even if you disagree with their opinion, letting them talk about what is important to them is a key way to win over people.

2. Putting Aside Your Ego. Biting your tongue wen people who do things to upset you, letting someone else grab the spotlight, taking a back seat and letting someone else lead… all ways of putting your ego aside and making others feel comfortable with you.

3. Listen. This is a sure fire way to get people to like you. Let them talk. Let them ramble about what’s on their mind. Listening is really hard, because we naturally ready a response to anything and everything we hear.

4. Ask People What Challenges Them. This one is a bit surprising, but when you get people to tell you what causes them stress and you are able to listen and maybe offer a few solutions, they will find you company not just pleasant, but important.

5. Tell Them You Just Have A Minute. When someone wants to talk with you, let them know your time is important, but so are they. By saying you have just a minute or so free, the both value you time and appreciate your giving away some of it to them.

My experience is that when you need to turn on the charm, and work the room. To as Dale Carnegie so finely put it, to win friends and influence people, you need to do more than shake hands and smile. You need to be both engaging and enchanting!



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