Understanding Business Analytics Outline

I’m scheduled to speak to do a workshop on Understanding Business Analytics in mid February. I will be followed by a 1 hour Analytics Overview with a couple hundred students. Pretty excited about this!!

And to make it even more awesome… its in Cebu!


(1) Provide a 6 hour presentation on Understanding Business Analytics to 15-20 faculty members (Core Group).  (2) Provide a 1 hour presentation on an Overview of Business Analytics to a student group. Both presentation will include exercise and discussion in addition to the lecture.


  1. The presentation with the Core Group will be from 9:00AM- 3:00PM.
  2. The student overview about Business Analytics from 3:00PM- 4:00PM.

Core Group Content:

  1. An orientation about the concept of Business Analytics (60 minutes)
  2. Current Trends in Analytics for the Philippines (60 minutes)
  3. Analytics Group Exercise: Let’s Find Some Data (60 minutes) – will need internet access via smartphones, tablets and/or laptops.
  4. Lunch
  5. Discussion about Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics and Big Data (60 minutes) – will need internet access
  6. Demonstration on how to use Tableau (30 minutes)
  7. Questions and Answers (30 minutes)

Student 420Group Content:

  1. An quick orientation Business Analytics (15 minutes)
  2. Analytics Group Exercise: (15 minutes)
  3. Demonstration on how to use Tableau (15 minutes)
  4. Questions and Answers (15 minutes)

My absolute favorite thing to do in the world is to get college students excited about analytics careers!!!!


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