Teaching Analytics Concepts… Never Stops Being Fun For Me

So I am helping a high school student I know learn what exactly analytics is and why it is important to know about.

First thing I had her do is go to Wikipedia to look up the term and give put the meaning of analytics in her own words. She came back with…

“Analytics is the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data. I had researched that on Wikipedia and for me I think about analytics is about research or operating research and also about programing. This kind of word analytics can be a use in business to search for data. I’m not sure but also this is the kind of training need to be a good employee for a company.”

The next step, I told her to find a video on YouTube to watch. Anything that was short and helpful for her. Nothing too complicated or nosebleed inducing.

The awesome thing is, she typed in analytics in YouTube and one of my videos came back in the search results. Haha!!!

It’s kinda fun to be semi-famous. Here is the video: https://youtu.be/A0rFj0WVqDQ

So asked my trainee to give mer her reaction to the video. She said, “Yes you’re right analytics can help a business and its leaders.  Also you’re talking about the Philippines BPO’s of course. I see it the call centers all the time. And also you’re talking about video is training for a work force, this is for analytics jobs. This is just like what we do now… learning just what is analytics.”

The last thing I had her do for her initial orientation to analytics is look up some data on her favorite restaurant. She chose McDo… https://www.mcdonalds.com.ph/

The idea is to look up some data. Pretend we are an analyst looking to compare market share of fast food restaurants in the Philippines. For that we’d need to know the number of stores McDo has. So my young apprentice found that data… over 400. Now she can compare that to the number of stores of competitors like Jollibee and Burger King. That’s analytics in action.

Not had for a 16 year old. 🙂