Demand Higher Standards! Thanks Seth I Needed That

Sharing another one of Seth Godin’s well timed blog posts.

It really is quite amazing that on those days when I need a little extra inspiration and/or affirmation, I tend to find it in my inbox from Seth. It’s like he knows he is writing for me. Haha! đŸ™‚

“And the sooner you find a boss who pushes you right to the edge of your ability to be excellent, the better. Even if the boss is you”

Bottom line, don’t settle for mediocrity. Dont settle for it form below, from above and most importantly from yourself.

We grow bigger, we make more money, we work harder, we grow bigger, we make more money… and on it goes. Now at some point we can take a rest and smell the roses and just do what needs to be done versus trying to do more, but that time is not now.



Why The Philippines?

I am often asked why leave a great job for the biggest bank in the U.S. to set up my own small call center business in the Philippines?


To the average person that might seem like going against conventional wisdom. However to a person who is knowledge about world affairs and has some insight into the global economy, betting on a B2B solution in the Philippines, is absolutely the right thing to do.

The Philippines has been gifted with three things that will continue to propel its B2B forward economically; a youthful population, a fairly well-developed system of higher education, and its wide scale use of an American style of English.

Across the globe, many industries are coming up short when it comes to finding talent to fill jobs. This global demand for talent puts the 18-30 year old, college educated, American style English speaking Filipino in the sweet spot for future opportunities.

Business who can hire and train this population for work with businesses abroad are in the middle of a huge boom with no signs of slowing down.  That’s why I did what I did. B2B opportunities in not just the Philippines, but across Asia makes that side of the Pacific the place to be.