Doing What I Do Best

So I have been doing public speaking and professional training for over 3 and a half years here in the Philippines.

Honestly I takes a few minutes to recount all the times I have spoken about analytics… which is an awesomely good problem to have.

I have gotten used to many of the nuances of doing training here as opposed to doing similar training in the U.S.

Now I know to mix in some Tagalog words, to tell lots of analytics stories using Filipino centric data points and lessons, to be ready to engage the participants in ways that makes them open up and share more.

I also know that someone will always be late because of “traffic sa EDSA” and that just about everyone can relate to things like working for bosses who don’t use data, but “gut feel”.

This really is a great place to conduct training and after 3+ years I am now no longer the only one talking about analytics.

The CHED Memo on Business Analytics,  IBM’s push for the Analytica organization, and seeing so far at least two other training companies offering business analytics. So many awesome things showing I am in the right place at the right time.

By the way… if I can count right the number is 47. And that is in person. If I add radio and TV  its closer to 55.

So Im averaging about 18 a year. And I have 5 more lined up in the next six weeks.

Not bad.

Go Dan Go!!




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