More Reasons To Stay Then Reasons To Go

One of the downs in the up and down cycle of running a business is when people leave.

Employee retention is something all companies have to worry about. But few really try and do something about it.

I read a lot about why employees stick and why they leave.

I know that to stick they need to have basic needs met like a good salary, feeling valued, being appreciated and having a safe and comfortable place to work.

Work-life balance, a supportive leadership team and feeling productive are all important as well.

Here are my  Top Reasons To Stick with DMAI

  1. Work Life Balance
  2. Opportunity For Growth
  3. A Stable Client
  4. 80% E-mail – 20% Phones
  5. Exposure to Analytics
  6. Open-Minded and Supportive Leadership
  7. Competitive Compensation
  8. Working With Good People
  9. Being Valued by the Company
  10. Being Appreciated for the Work You Do

I am sure each of my team has their own top ten reasons for themselves.

It is almost always easier to fix whatever you don’t like about your current job then it is to leave and hope you can find something better.

Sticking with a job long term is not easy and its becoming less and less the norm, which makes it all the more special when you find the right spot for you.

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