Getting To The Cutting Edge with HR Analytics

When I talk about HR Analytics, like I recently did at SMX as part of the 10th annual HR Congress, I generally break things into 4 topics areas. The four are:

  • Cutting Edge HR Analytics
  • Finding the Right Data
  • Key Analytic Techniques
  • Actionable Reporting

Teams that are successful in each of these 4 areas, will be ahead of the game when it comes to keeping HR at the forefront of defining, aligning and implementing business strategy.

Cutting Edge HR Analytics happens when you have the right combination of talent, technology and technique. You need the right people using the right technology and employing the right techniques to be successful when it comes to HR in the 21st century.

Being able to find the Right Data at the right time happens when you have the 3 T’s in place. This allows you to have all the data you need to answer business questions at your finger tips. And it allows HR to be the primary source is setting and guiding the execution of business strategy.

You can use Key Analytics Techniques to help you not only find the right data, but also to add new data sources and to build impactful reporting solutions. And you can share your techniques across the organization to empower others to use HR Data to drive business strategy.

The end goal of using HR Analytics is to provide actionable reports that keep the business aligned to its core strategy. By identifying opportunities and risks, by sharing data and analysis across the organization and empowering data-driven decision-making, HR Analytics is the key to success for any business.

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