Analytics Resource Speaker at Your Service

Analytics is my passion. I live to have conversations about using data to drive decision-making.

I share my passion through a variety of communication channels including my new book, Putting Your Data to Work, my blog (, corporate trainings, and various public speaking engagements at conferences, seminars and schools.

Given what I have learned about your program so far, I am confident I can produce a high quality online training for your audience. If we are to target development professional, I can speak about how to enhance data gathering, improve data analysis and deliver impactful reports.

If we want to go broader, I can focus on a more general overview of how to infuse more analytics and data-driven decision-making into just about any organization.

The beauty of what I do is that just about everyone needs guidance in trying to get a handle on their data and use it to tell better stories. It is not hard to tailor a talk that give the audience exactly what they need when it comes to understanding and using analytics. I can  adjust my presentation based on the tech skills and data geekiness of the audience as needed.

If you are in a situation where you need a subject matter expert on analytics to help your audience to get excited about analytics, I am your man.