The Analytics Training Opportunity of a Lifetime

Over the past 5 years I have worked hard to become one of the more established analytics brands in the Philippines.

My company provides 24/7 service via both home based and office based analytics staffing solutions.

As an analytics expert with over 20 years of experience I am confident we can handle just about any kind of analytics requirement.

We offer publics trainings quarterly, conduct in house analytics trainings regularly and I am consistently being invited to be a resource speaker.

The need for analytics is booming. Big data and technological innovation has made analytics one of the hottest needs on the planet.

There are only a few, probably less then a dozen actually,  training companies offering analytics training in the Philippines.

The need is high for companies in the Philippines to get this specialized training.

The number of analyst jobs is projected to continue to grow almost exponentially for the foreseeable future.

U.S. companies will continue to look to the Philippines as a source for analytics talent and outsourcing options regardless of the political winds blowing across the Pacific.

Although machine learning and artificial intelligence may limit some of analytics jobs in the future, that is not of the near term horizon for most Filipino companies.

So, when I survey the analytics landscape in the Philippines, I am convinced DMAIPH is on the right path and even great success lies ahead.

Back in 2011, setting up an analytics company in the Philippines seemed like an idea ahead of its time.

Now, is 2016, my belief in the Philippines being a place to champion analytics and foster a culture of more data-driven decision-making has proved to be right on target.

As we look to 2017, the opportunity to empower even more Filipinos to be analysts and use analytics in their business looks even brighter. It is indeed the opportunity of a lifetime!




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