I Have Always Admired People Who Have “Grit”!

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In short we are looking for a people who have grit!



Came across this interesting Forbes article. What makes up “grit”?

1. Courage

2. Conscientiousness 

3. Follow Through

4. Resilience

5. Excellence

Yeah, I got those. 🙂

So do most of the people who I surround myself with.

Grit is something that got me to where I am and will get me to where I’m going.

Do you have grit?

DMAIPH specializes in arming the Data-Driven Leader with the tools and techniques and the grit they need to build and empower an analytics centric organization. Analytics leadership requires a mastery of not just analytics skill, but also of nurturing an analytics culture. We have guided thousands of Filipino professionals to become better analytics leaders. Contact DMAIPH now at analytics@dmaiph.com or connect with me directly to discuss a uniquely tailored strategy to ensure you are the top of your game when it comes to Analytics Leadership.


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