Putting Your Data to Work is SOLD OUT! Working on the 2nd Edition Now!

I feel so excited to share with you all that we are now completely sold out of my recent book, Putting Your Data To Work: An Analytics Guidebook for the Filipino Professional.

I am currently working on a 2nd addition with additional images, content and an expanded section on predictive analytics.

If you would like to pre-order a copy of the 2nd Edition, send us an e-mail at analytics@dmaiph and we will add you to the waiting list.

My plan is to have copies available by mid March if not sooner.

Thanks so much to all of you who purchased a copy of the 1st edition. I’m proud to say that we’ve gotten some fantastic feedback from readers that I will incorporate into the new edition.


2017 is the year that Analytics will go mainstream across the Philippines. My book is a great guide for ensuring your organization has a solid analytics foundation as the era of Big Data is upon us.

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