Big Data Analytics 101 in Cebu

Our first ever Big Data Analytics 101 Training in Cebu was a success.

About 40 people have attended the training last October 16 in Hotel Asia, Cebu City. Analytics and Data Science experts Mr. Dan Meyer and Mr. Dominic “Doc” Ligot did an exceptional job of sharing their knowledge and expertise in Big Data Analytics and Data Value Chain.

Cebu has proven that Philippines indeed can be an Analytics Hub, despite that our participants came from different industries and has different background; they’ve expressed equal interest in improving their business operation and career with Analytics. This type of enthusiasm shows that even though Philippines has a long way to go when it comes to Data Science and Analytics, we are still on the right track in building talents and businesses that can be as competitive as other countries in this Digital Age.

On the first half of the training, Dan was able to demonstrate how to build a strong foundation for Data Analytics. From establishing clear objectives when using data, to giving out relatable examples of how can you effectively use analytics in your business. Doc then took the second half of the training with a more technical approach. Using excel, attendees were able to learn statistical analysis, linear regression, time prediction, what – if analysis and a lot more.


Here are some key takeaways from the training:

  1. Establishing clear objectives when using data: Context, Needs, Vision, Strategy and Outcomes.
  2. Identify and resolve problems associated with Data Collection
  3. Use of Data Map to analyze big data in your business.
  4. 3 I’s of cutting edge analytics: Identify, Inventory and Integrate data.
  5. 3 T’s of cutting edge analytics: Talent, Technology and Technique.
  6. Important KPIs
  7. Ways to improve Management Reportings
  8. Building a data map
  9. Business Intelligence
  10. Elements of Data Storytelling
  11. System Preparation using Excel
  12. Defining a Regression Problem
  13. Predictive Analytics
  14. Data Applications (Prescriptive Analytics)
  15. What- if Analysis


Sharing some feedback from our participants when asked how this training would change their practice today:

After this training, I’ll be more open minded on what data points can be used other than the typical/common volume, frequencies, FTEs, etc.

“I hope to create a customized data analytics system in my scope of work using this training as guidance “

“Being more efficient with data and improve my output.”

“Innovation on my teaching career”

“Bank on good data governance and start with basic analysis”

“Be aware and look for opportunities to gather and let data drive business decision”




Visayas Analytics Freelancers

After Big Data Analytics 101 training, Mr. Dominic Ligot conducted the first ever Analytics Freelancers Meet-up of the Visayas Chapter with the help of our ground partner, Joseph Rivera. Cebuanos who participated was able to learn different ways to monetize their skills and how to solve real – life problems using data. To be a member of this group, you can join at

Being able to witness this group of talent joining together to make a difference in our country was very humbling. Special thanks to Dan and Doc for sharing their knowledge and offering their time and resources to uplift our filipino talents.


In pursuit of making a difference, Dan and Doc is part of an association called “Analytics Association of the Philippines”. AAP is the enabling organization formed to take the lead in driving the growth and evolution of Data Science and Analytics (DSA) in the country. AAP aims to serve the DSA needs of the government, the academe, the business sector, DSA consultants, training providers, DSA practitioners and aspiring professionals. Its goal is to cut across different sectors and industry horizontals and verticals to propagate and advocate DSA in the Philippines.

To learn more about their association visit their website at or like their FB page at

Sending my thanks and appreciation to Leenah – Leen Arandia, Jacquelyn Belmonte and my whole marketing team for assisting and helping us in the preparation and implementation of Big Data Analytics 101 in Cebu, you are a big part of making this event possible. 🙂

Next run:

Big Data Analytics 101 in Davao on November 25

Big Data Analytics 101 in Bacolod on December 8-9 (Details will be made available soon)

Big Data Analytics 101 in Ilo-ilo on January 12 (Details will be made available soon)


Photos from the event:



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